Saving energy and material sensibly

Saving energy and material sensibly

Digital solutions support resource conservation

Digitalization accelerates the production process in various aspects and enables adjustments to be made at short notice. As a result, errors are corrected immediately and optimization potential is exploited directly – in order to save material and energy.

The many digital services from KraussMaffei make an active contribution to conserving resources. dataXplorer can assign the energy consumption to each individual process step and serves as the interface to an energy management system. APC plus compensates for external influences and enables consistently high component quality thanks to intelligent and automatic closed-loop control systems. This in turn reduces rejects to a minimum and thus reduces material consumption. 

Another example is smartAssist, our mobile audio and video communication system with augmentation that gives the customer’s onsite service technicians access to our domain expertise. The intuitive app can also be used with smart glasses to carry out remotely guided maintenance.

With socialProduction, the production process of the injection molding machines is continuously monitored by a patented, self-learning process. Relevant anomalies in the process are detected at an early stage on the basis of all recorded machine data and communicated proactively to the users via notifications in a shared chat room. The evaluation of the process parameters takes place completely autonomously and without any pre-configuration by the process owner.