Karan Sima Fam

Machine Manufacturing to Importation of Machineries

Due to the high expenses of manufacturing in the country and the increase in injection molding machine demand and because of Yarijanian family deep knowledge of plastic market in late 80’s, the decision for importing injection molding machines was made. In recent years, since importation from some countries to Iran was under sanctions, Yarijanian family were forced to import machineries from other available countries in order to be able to keep their presence in this field.

With regard to the experiences and knowledge of this family in plastic industry specially in injection molding machineries, an appropriate situation for moving in new directions and using advanced technologies were provided which will lead into improve in technology level of plastic industry in Iran.

Foundation of Karan Sima Fam company

Hervik Yarijanian , well-experienced in marketing, sales and technical affairs of injection molding machines and enjoying wide connections with the professional plastic industry organizations, unions and associations and many customers of injection molding machineries, could have created the conditions which results in the foundation of Karan Sima Fam company with the main purpose of exclusively cooperation with KraussMaffei company.

Karan Sima Fam

Hervik Yarijanian

CEO Of Karan Sima Fam

Iran is experiencing different technologies in plastic industry and we are glad to provide one of the most superior technologies of the plastic industry via Karan Sima Fam company. Hereafter, Karan Sima Fam company is the exclusive agency of KraussMaffei in Iran.

Because of the long absence of KraussMaffei in Iran, and the need to overhaul KM machineries, Karan Sima Fam priority is to provide necessary services for KM old customers in Iran, overhaul old machineries and supply all required spare parts with maximum speed and strength.

Karan Sim Fam company starts its wide activities in delivering and offering Injection Molding Machines and declares its readiness to provide KraussMaffei machines, spare parts and services to customers in different industries such as automotive, medical, packaging, etc .

Additionally, in Reaction Process Machines segment, Karan Sima Fam is ready to sell necessary machineries based on customers’ requirement, identifying customers’ need, introduce and familiarize the features and specifications of KraussMaffei machineries either at Karan Sima Fam’s location or in the places determined by customers.

Karan Sima Fam


  • To be the most successful and respected industrial speciality plastic machinery in the country
  • To provide the best and the most trusted services that give satisfaction to our customers
  • To pay attention to eco friendly machineries and systems and reduction of the energy use/waste
Karan Sima Fam


  • Partner actively with our customers to provide innovative and sustainable technical solutions to help them increase productivity, reduce costs and minimize risks
  • To constantly raise the standard of technology level in plastic industry
  • To commit the operational excellence in designing and delivering services to secure long term loyalty and trust of our customers
  • To improve the environmental quality of our community
Karan Sima Fam


Innovation       Excellence        Commitment

Collaboration                        Customer Focus


Krauss Mafei History

The foundation of KraussMaffei group which is one of the leading suppliers of plastic and rubber processing systems and machineries in the world, has its origins in 1838 when Joseph Anton von Maffei founded the locomotive manufacturing factory in Munich-Schwabing.

In 1866 Dr.Ing.e.h. George von Krauss has founded a limited partnership in the same field (locomotive manufacturing) in Munich and started a competition with Maffei.

The two companies Maffei & Krauss emerged into a new company in Munich, as before, the core business area was locomotive building until 1944. From 1945 to 1967 KraussMaffei extends business operations to processing engineering & plastic technology, traffic engineering and other activities.

From 1964 KraussMaffei took over the injection molding machine manufacturer Eckert & Ziegler GmbH who has been producing injection molding machines since 1926 and from that date the company concentrates on developing and manufacturing plastic injection molding machines. KraussMaffei established the business division Reaction Process Machinery for producing polyurethane parts in 1968, the first products were dashboards and bumpers for passenger cars. In 1971, KraussMaffei started producing extruders. In 1992 KraussMaffei acquired the share of Netstal company which was founded in 1857.

Karan Sima Fam

In 1999-2000, along expansion of the industrial activities and development of the products the company dissolved, the business division Locomotive Construction was taken over by Siemens, the plastic and rubber industries was taken over by KraussMaffei GmbH and other activities taken over by KraussMaffei Wegmann.

KraussMaffei GmbH consists of three main brand, Netstal ,KraussMaffei & KraussMaffei Berstroff .

Nowadays, KraussMaffei company is the only company in the world of plastics integrating three different process technologies for carrying out a complete chain for conversion of raw materials to finished products in three machine technologies of Injection Molding Machine, Reaction Process Machinery and Extruders. In plastic machinery division the company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers which offers numerous high technologies and efficient products by providing five different series of plastic machineries for excellent solution in numerous industries.