Mixing heads

Mixing heads

The right high-pressure mixing head

For every production task

Transparent technology
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Transfer mixing heads for high standards

Versatile, for sophisticated systems and laminar pouring

For processing demanding systems and for laminar pouring of the mixture into open molds, KraussMaffei offers the proven transfer mixing head in their product range.


In the transfer mixing head, the components are homogeneously mixed in the mixing chamber. The high quality is mainly the result of the special angle of injection into the mixing chamber. Downstream of the mixing chamber, the output tube for reducing turbulence in the reaction mixture as it flows out is positioned at an angle of 90 °. The high-pressure circuit of the components upstream of the shot operates according to the proven recirculation groove principle. The positioning of the cleaning piston in the outlet tube influences the mixing quality and the discharge behavior of the mixture. Transfer mixing heads are available for 2 to 6 components. They work cost-effectively and reliably with long service lives and high availability.


Linear mixing heads for instant accuracy

Proven and reliable


Linear mixing heads from KraussMaffei operate with high-pressure mixing according to the counter flow injection principle: Pressure energy is transformed into speed energy, reliably ensuring that the components are intensively mixed.

Linear mixing heads are relatively light and are available in 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-component versions. These are KraussMaffei standard mixing heads and they have proven their worth in many millions of shots. All component nozzles are simultaneously opened and closed by the mixing head control piston. The electronic shot-time logging guarantees very small shot-weight tolerances.


Mixing heads for white goods and rigid foam processing

Special solutions


The KraussMaffei high-pressure mixing heads are engineered to be the perfect answer for your production tasks. They promise a high return on investment, extreme reliability and minimal costs. Furthermore, they have been optimized for specific production processes. In particular, we have developed two specific types for the white goods sector.


MKE-3B mixing head for a particularly laminar PUR flow

KraussMaffei mixing heads, operating according to the B principle are considered the first choice for foaming out refrigerator appliances. For thermal insulation of refrigerator doors, a high-performance PUR insulating layer is applied in an open pouring technique, whereby the polyurethane mixture is poured into an open mold.


PUR rigid foam processing: High output rates and long outlet tubefor housing production

KraussMaffei developed the MK UL-2K_I mixing head to meet the special challenges of applying rigid insulating foam to refrigerator cabinets.

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