Mixing & metering systems

Mixing & metering systems

Innovative mixing & metering machines

Outstanding product quality in PU processing

The extensive range of metering and mixing machines from KraussMaffei is suitable for all application areas in PU processing. The modular design and flexible configuration of the machines allows them to be optimally tailored to customer-specific requirements. This means KraussMaffei offers the optimum solution for every production requirement. This includes being easy to operate and maintain.

Meet the machines:
Take a tour of the RimStar Series

The RimStar Series at a glance
RimStar Modular, Compact, Nano and Flex

KraussMaffei technologies were combined using “best practice” processes when developing the new RimStar Series. The machines are so versatile that they can be used in any PU processing application. Their modular design allows them to be flexibly configured and therefore tailored to customer-specific requirements.

Outstanding component quality and minimal scrap
Short, rheologically optimized supply ines between the machine components result in lower pressure losses,
more precise temperature control and optimized control engineering. This increases process reliability and the
quality of your parts.

Minimal maintenance costs
The series is also extremely easy to operate and maintain, which helps to avoid unnecessary downtimes.

RimStar Nano

The RimStar Nano was specially developed to handle low output rates and limited space requirements: This means
that the supply lines running between the tank and the high-pressure pump, and between the filter and the volume gage in the high-pressure zone, are kept as short as possible and that materials can be changed quickly and easily.

RimStar Compact
The RimStar Compact has a one-piece machine frame and a compact, space-saving
frame design: The machine is installed together with the control cabinet on one frame only and can be put into operation immediately thanks to the plug-and-play principle.

RimStar Modular

The RimStar Modular has a modular machine frame, which can be added to as necessary to meet any current or future requirements. The control cabinet can be supplied as a standalone unit, if required.

RimStar Flex

The RimStar Flex was specially developed for use with ColorForm and SkinFormtechnologies and is characterized by its flexible system configuration and adjustment to individual requirements. Day tanks and metering pumps are installed independently of each other on a supply module and a metering module. The modules can thus be positioned individually and at different points on the injection molding machines. In addition, it is
possible to combine two metering modules with a supply module.

Premium quality with low investment costs
The EcoStar Series

The EcoStar Series from KraussMaffei contains premium-quality PU metering machines with low investment costs.

The EcoStar Series is equipped with premium-quality components to guarantee reliable process control and high component quality. The very attractive price-performance ratio of the series has been achieved through systematic standardization and a reduced number of variants. This also results in an attractive delivery time.

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