Award for sustainable production process

Karan Sima Fam

KraussMaffei employees are honored for energy-saving project at the plant

Zuzana Nagyová and Martin Girgoško developed measures as part of the Young Energy Europe project (YEE) to manufacture our products at the Slovakian site in Sucany in a more resource-efficient manner. Our customers now benefit from even more sustainably produced machines.

As part of the Young Energy Europe project, teams from 15 companies in Slovakia developed concepts for resource and energy efficiency. Three of the ideas received awards from a jury of experts – including the project of KraussMaffei employees Zuzana Nagyová, Industrial Engineer, and Martin Girgoško, EHS Specialist. They took third place behind the teams from Volkswagen Slovakia and Robert Bosch Slovakia.

With their “Compressed Air Optimization” project, Zuzana Nagyová and Martin Girgoško developed a series of measures that, among other things, optimize the use of waste heat from the compressor station and the energy management of compressed air in the plant. “This results in potential energy savings and opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint,” explains Nagyová.

For her and her colleague, this award is an encouragement on the way to even more resource and energy efficiency at KraussMaffei: „Our energy efficiency project contributes to the sustainability of our products and entire company”, says Zuzana Nagyová.