40 per cent less energy consumption during injection molding

Karan Sima Fam

EcoPac sleeves are insulating where it matters most

It gets hot in the screw barrel—and as little of that heat as possible is to reach the outside. This is ensured by the EcoPac insulating sleeves that can be wrapped around the cylinder and are available for all injection unit sizes.

The EcoPac insulation sleeves stabilize the temperature profile and increase process stability.  The heating time is reduced by up to 30 percent. The savings for energy consumption are particularly lucrative, with up to 40 percent being possible. As a result, the investment for the EcoPac insulation pays for itself in a year or two. For the example calculation with an MX 1000 injection molding machine (clamping force 10,000 kN) and 6,000 production hours, this cuts the energy consumption by up to 24,000 kWh. If you multiply this by a price of 0.12 € per kilowatt hour, you get a savings of EUR 2,880. Also, up to 9.6 fewer tons of CO2 are released